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All Ages
Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan is a YouTube star, comedian, actor, and musician. Gaining fame rapidly since joining the video hosting platform, the young social media personality has gained a massive following. This is largely influenced by his skateboarding and prank videos. Some of the most popular videos on his channel are ‘Falling With 30,000 Pennies’, ‘Going Down Stairs on a Hoverboard’, and ‘Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 4’, which have gained millions of views. He maintains that his comedy is based on sarcasm and should not be taken seriously. Danny is also good friends with other YouTubers like Andrew Hill and Christopher Chan. He has expressed many times that he eventually wants to become an actor and YouTube is the right platform to launch his career in the right direction.

Venue Information:
Hooligans Music Hall
2620 Onslow Dr
Jacksonville , NC, 28546